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Posted on Dec 15 2017 - 12:45pm by
Comments Off on 10+ Funniest Reactions To Melania Trump’s Creepy Christmas White House Decorations

10+ Hilarious Posts Reacting To Melania Trump’s White House Decorations Christmas came early for the internet this year and it’s all thanks to the First Lady. After Melania Trump’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of the White House’s festive decorations, the people responded by hilariously poking fun at what looks like a Tim Burton-designed Christmas horror anti-wonderland. From The Shining to Pan’s Labyrinth, the eerie twig-lined hallway got all the attention and Photoshop it...

Posted on Dec 7 2017 - 8:30am by
Comments Off on 10+ Photos That Show How Time Has Changed The World

 10+ Before And After Pictures Showing How The World Has Changed Over Time Re.Photos is a group of people who love re-photographies (“before and after”, “then and now”) because of their potential to tell fascinating stories with just two pictures. So they created Re.Photos, a website that enables people to browse hundreds of pictures or upload and align their own. More info: | Facebook ...

Posted on Dec 1 2017 - 9:26am by
Comments Off on 10+ Adorable Pictures Of The Cutest Wild Hamsters You’ll Ever See

If You Are Having A Bad Day, This Gallery Is For You! Just A Bunch Of Adorable Wild Hamsters Around the world, there are about 26 different species of hamster that are spending their days away from captivity, and we’ve compiled a list of them to show you that these little creatures are one of the cutest things you could meet outside. ...

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 8:35am by
Comments Off on Amazing Artist Transforms Disney Princesses Into Modern Ravers

These Disney Princesses Had An Amazing Make Over As long as there is life on Earth, Disney characters will always inspire some artists. Skirtzzz, as he is known in his social media, has created a series of illustrations transforming the Disney characters into ravers. His followers have approved and we think you will enjoy getting to know these works. More info: ...

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 8:51am by
Comments Off on 10+ Photos That Show Just How Far Wedding Photographers Are Willing To Go

10+ Photos That Prove Wedding Photographers Are Crazy Special occasions call for a special kind of photographer, and few occasions are more special than your wedding day. You do, after all, only get one of them (well, that’s the idea anyway) and so the photographer needs to capture anything and everything as perfectly as possible in order to preserve your perfect day. It’s a big responsibility, and as you can see, some people take that responsibility very seriously indeed! This behind-the-scenes look at the world of wedding photography...

Posted on Nov 28 2017 - 10:51am by
Comments Off on 10+ Epic Pictures Of A Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer That Can Turn Herself Into Anyone

This Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Literally Anyone, Here Are 10+ Of Her Best Transformations Cosplayers – like other artists – have a learning curve they have to go through if they want to achieve greatness, but it seems that Justyna Sosnowska has found a shortcut. Sosenka has a Landscape Architecture degree and her interest in SFX makeup started only in 2014, as a hobby. It quickly evolved into something much bigger, though. “I fell in love with what I do,” Sosenka writes. She also thinks...

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Comments Off on 10+ Beautiful Bags That Will Let You Carry Your Favorite Books With You

10+ Book Bags That Will Allow You To Have Awesome Books With You At All Times Here’s some book-shaped bags: well-known classics alongside with fresh new titles. Most of them are made upon request. Thank you for helping us expand our collection! We are always open for new ideas. More info: Etsy ...