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10+ Funny, Adorable and Slightly Offensive Comics Never Stay Dead most known for doing cute and offensive Greeting cards. Here are some simple little comics that they’ve done that you might find relatable (especially if you have a cat). Some are just silly… More info: Facebook ...

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10+ Photos That Prove Wedding Photographers Are Crazy Special occasions call for a special kind of photographer, and few occasions are more special than your wedding day. You do, after all, only get one of them (well, that’s the idea anyway) and so the photographer needs to capture anything and everything as perfectly as possible in order to preserve your perfect day. It’s a big responsibility, and as you can see, some people take that responsibility very seriously indeed! This behind-the-scenes look at the world of wedding photography...

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10+ Funny Cat Compilation: The Most Hilarious Cat SnapChats You’ll See Online If you were ever in doubt as to why we are so fascinated by our feline friends, why we spend so much of our time taking pictures of them, writing about them, sharing them and generally worshipping the very ground they walk on, then check out this list.  We’ve compiled some of the best cat-related pictures out there for your viewing pleasure, as a reminder of the enduring star power of the cat. ...

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10+ Incredibly Funny Comic Strips That Will Make Your Day Artist, Oliver, has been making comics for a long time and he takes care to make every comic as original as the last. In his own words: “I kept making these comics week after week, and as time passed and my drawings progressed, I started to gain a very small following on an app called IFunny. This motivated to keep making comics. And so came my 50th comic, which was a remake of my first comic, Insomnia. As I kept going, I came to realize that I wan’t able to stop making...

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10+ Hilarious Examples Of Photoshop Trolling When you feel that your photo isn’t perfect, you can ask a Photoshop master for help. James Fridman took this art to a whole new level. The result he gets is always what you want and yet…unexpected. Just see for yourself. And at the end of the article, you’ll find the gem of the collection. ...

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10+ Incredibly Perfect Gifts From Boyfriends And Husbands We all love getting gifts don’t we? Especially from our loved ones. We want gifts that make us feel all special, thoughtful gifts that make us realize that our special person really cares and knows us just so well. Here we have put together a list from the ladies, of all the times when hubby or boyfriend really stepped up to the plate and delivered the dream gift, one that shows just how much he loves his boo. ...

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10+ Epic And Hilarious Design Fails You’ll Find Hard To Believe Are Real You could turn a blind eye to these designs if drunk students created them seconds before a deadline. But that’s not the case. These designs shouldn’t have seen the light of day, ever! From pulling tissues from Spider Man’s ass to escaping an inflatable pirate castle through a vagina, users were definitely questioning the minds behind these creations. ...