Horribly Wrong or Perfectly Weird—Could a Skull be any Redder?

Posted on Feb 26 2015 - 12:19am by [email protected]

Priorities, we all have em. Whether it’s wanting to become a doctor or engineer, or being the recipient of consensual sex on a daily basis. When it comes to priorities, all we can say is that the man in question here has his priorities pretty much figured out. The only difference being, his includes disfiguring his face for good.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old body, there is a whole industry dedicated to mutilating your body with all kinds of weird trinkets that will make any stranger gasp. And speaking of weird and painful, and weird body transformations- when a Venezuelan guy named Henry Damon decided to look like the Red Skull, he didn’t just enter the pantheon of awesome, but rather, transformed himself into one of the creepiest weirdoes on God’s green earth before anyone could forbid this sad experiment from carrying on any longer.


For a quick lesson to all the non-geeks out there, the Red Skull is popularly known as Captain America’s arch-nemesis and the enemy to world democracies. And as the name applies, he also happens to own a butt-ugly red skull that he wears on his head, which nobody in their right mind would want to look like, except, of course, for Henry. If you thought that poking holes in your body or slapping tattoos all over it was extreme, wait till you see this guy.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, our 37-year old friend took body modification and his captivation for the Red Skull way beyond the next level by literally transforming himself into the real-life Marvel super villain. Henry started his transformation to look like the Red Skull by receiving several sub dermal implants on his forehead. After that, he went on to remove a part of his nose and topped it off by tattooing his eyeballs black to get the proper madman look. And by the looks of it, the guy who likes to be called Red Skull in real life is not done yet. Next on the menu, are more facial implants, which will be topped off by tattooing his entire face scarlet red to get a more flamboyant look.

According to Damon’s plastic surgeon, he went through extensive psychological tests to make sure that Damon was 100% ready for the surgery and wouldn’t up and leave half way through the process, which we guess is highly unlikely to happen since he’s already tattooed his eyes black. The surgeon, who has now made that mad man from the movie Tusk look like a also said that Damon is a totally sane and excellent husband and father who has a peculiar taste when it comes to body modifications. On the bright side, he’s probably going to win every cosplay competition from now on. So it’s not all bad!


But, in the end, whether you call it insanity or stupidity, it takes balls of brass and one messed up head to go through something this drastic, and for that, Henry, we respect you.