10+ HILARIOUS Tweets From People Reacting To The Game Of Thrones Finale

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10+ Funniest Reactions From People Who Watched The Game Of Thrones Finale

Game Of Thrones aired their season finale a few weeks ago, but people are still reacting to the incredible surprises the show runners threw at us in that fantastic season 7 finale, and taking into account that the show won’t be back on the air for another two years, people have every right to be anxious and quite exasperated to know what happens next for the beloved characters of the HBO hit show. In the final episode we saw how Jon Snow, otherwise known as Aegon Targaryen, ended up in bed with Daenerys Targaryen, otherwise known as his AUNT, and everybody’s heart melted. Except for those insane people who think there’s something majorly wrong with incest of course. But everyone wants to know if Dany will get pregnant, what happens with Cersei’s betrayal, will the living win the war against the Night King and more importantly what the heck happened to Tormound? Let’s check out these hilarious tweets.