31 Spellbinding Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away. #27 is Priceless.

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Natural disasters, wars, famine, disease…human life is fragile, but also so remarkable. For this slideshow, we scoured the internet for the most remarkable pictures of human life in the world. What we found were pictures that reinforced our faith in the human spirit and made us realize how fleeting, how fragile our lives really are.

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1. A brave man stands nonchalantly outside a lighthouse as 50 foot waves crash around him.


Man’s hubris is nothing when confronted with the fury of nature. But sometimes, defiance is a gesture we must all adopt. In this picture, we see one solitary man standing still as waves 50 feet high crash all around him. This very defiance against a nature often cruel and violent has made us the most successful species on the planet.

Perhaps there is some inspiration we can all find in this.


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