Eat like a Geek and Pay Up in the Restaurant of the Future

Posted on Feb 26 2015 - 12:19am by [email protected]

Food is an integral part of our diet, simply because we don’t eat anything else, which brings us to the Chinese. If you happen to like eating out as a form of entertainment, there are restaurants that have taken the digital dining experience to a whole new level. The following are some of the most innovative concept restaurants in the world.


London’s Inamo restaurant features tabletop touch screens where visitors can place their orders without having to get up or wait for the maître d. The tools of the future will also include gesture-based technology that will feature virtual waitresses who will appear on the ceilings after detecting a customer’s presence. Some of that technology is being used as we speak. Case in point, the iBeacon is a virtual register which gets triggered when visitors sit on their tables. New technology is also allowing users to check their mails, watch their favorite shows and even play games, which has taken the concept of TV dinners to a whole new level.

Sustainable Sushi?!

Along with the use of interactive technology and the ability to order with a touch of a button, technology is also trying to solve the growing concerns of food safety. The most recent examples of technology being used to preserve the sustainability of food can be found right here is California, where a restaurant, Harney Sushi uses QR codes that are printed on rice paper with a water-based, edible ink. Scanning the QR code reveals information as to where and when the fish on your platter was caught.

And that’s not all! Researchers are currently developing smart tongues which will be used as sensors to monitor the levels of taste and smell of your food. The “e-delicious machine”, which was recently unveiled by the Thai Government, is intended to take the concept of try-before-you-buy to the next level.

Customizable Booths


One of the things that make eating out special is the ambiance. Kitchen 67, located in Michigan, has taken the lead in offering a totally immersive environment. Customers are able to control their surroundings via a customizable jukebox and LEDs tiles on the ceiling to create their own visual theatre.

Robotic Chefs

But, science just isn’t tinkering at the front desk. In an attempt at getting intimate with the whole concept of preparing meals, San-Francisco based startup, Momentum Machines, have already designed a robot hamburger maker that can whip out four hundred hamburgers within an hour.

Ending Note

Be it touchscreen restaurant tables, virtual waitresses or robotic chefs, the restaurant owners of the future will certainly have more control over their restaurants and the menu.